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You know what it's like when a cyclops throws a cocktail party for giants, and the only reason they ignore you is that you're so small? How you stare up into those grotesquely exaggerated faces and shudder?

And you know how you walk down to the swimming pool, and find that it is full of sad children's ghosts, all gauzy and pale? And then do you know how you convince them to form a huge composite ghost, one that rises from the pool and devours the assembled guests?

I don't either, but I sure dreamed about it last night.

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The Grey Emperor looms over existence, the specter of despotism and war. He has brought down the Seers of Khaa with schemes as convoluted as any they could ever contrive. They search for hollow knowledge and silent words, their wisdom turning fallow from disuse.

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Today I bought a chair because of a book.

A huge tome arrived yesterday morning (at 2:30 in the morning according to track&trace!): THE TIME TRAVELLER'S ALMANAC: The Ultimate Treasury of Time Travel Stories. It's in hardcover and weighs in at 900-odd pages.
It'll be a treat to read, as you'll no doubt agree. Just look at this stonking table of contents. There's a lot of classics, a lot of newer shorts, and essays about time travel science and fashion (the latter by [livejournal.com profile] glvalentine )

With such a wonderful bit of reading material in my hand, I realized that my home was ill equipped for reading it! The book is too big for reading in bed (for fear of getting a mild concussion should I drift off) and my desk is too full of, well, debris of life (as well as computer and speakers). Clearly a new piece of furniture was needed to enjoy this book properly.

Today I took the plunge and bought a good-as-new easy chair from a thrift shop. Had to carry it home though. Now it feels like my arms are floating, but the chair is nice. Now I have a proper place to read and luxuriate.

Oh mother!

Dec. 16th, 2013 12:29 am
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Nov. 1st, 2013 06:44 pm
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 I'm off to a good but not great start. I'm making today's word count, but most likely not much more than that. 

I'm four pages into a longer short story, as well as a couple of paragraphs into a shorter one. I'm all about the discipline.

I'm back!

Oct. 27th, 2013 11:35 pm
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Back from Essen SPIEL that is

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Oct. 2nd, 2013 09:50 pm
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This is the last page of an issue of the comic Fell (Warren Ellis/Ben Templesmith). After a night shift as a detective in the horrid burg of Snowtown, our hero Richard Fell stands, Batman-style on the roof of an apartment building, watching the sun rise. After a day of dealing with incompetence, perversity and needless cruelty, he writes in his post-it journal: "7 am. This is where I live now. None of you are nothing to me".

It's such a beautiful and grandiose sentiment. To see everyone as people and not just as means, obstacles or moving backdrops. In a series about heinous and misguided crimes, it's almost super-humanly righteous.
It also how I sometimes feel, and sometimes wishes I could act like I felt. I'm terrible at ignoring people. Some part of me needs to keep an eye on them. I gotta know where they are and what they are doing. I imagine where they are going, how they're feeling and other stuff I can't know. None of them are nothing to me. They can't be ignored.

At the same time I often get overloaded by all that scrutinizing, and I need to be alone, and I can't be anything to other people. I just conk out and the world can go whistle. I wish I had more energy to be more present.

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Since I love music and lists, and since my birthday is here, I made a list with a favorite song for every year of my life.

Tore's Birthday Compilation

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Held my birthday today, and it was lovely. According to my brother (Mr. Solidarity) I'm "seventy half-years old". Or will be come Friday. No wonder I'm tired.

My mom told an anecdote from her rural childhood. apparently there was a kid in her class who lost his hair from shock after having been gored by cattle. There's always stories and puns when we meet up.


Aug. 26th, 2013 09:52 pm
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Watched a non-horror movie tonight, Ruby Sparks from 2012. It's the kind of movie that tacks a happy end on a story which would be better served without it.

(There will be spoilers).

The basic premise is as follows: a best-selling writer with writer's block writes a girlfriend who becomes real. She's the Ruby in the title. What he writes about her becomes true; something he proceeds to abuse.

Pro: The concept is an interesting one. It could be said to be about fiction-writing as wish-fulfillment, or as an excuse for not being a decent person. Or maybe it's about the idea of the non-threatening dream girl as it collides with reality (and a Real Person), and the creepiness that follows.
Paul Dano is good as the soft-spoken yet controlling writer-boyfriend, and Zoe Kazan (who wrote, produced and probably moonlighted as second unit gaffer) pretty much personifies the artsy non-threatening dream girl.
Asif Mandvi and Antonio Banderas have some small but funny roles as Dano's agent and stepfather respectively.

Con: It's unsubtle as fuck. This movie doesn't just make its points, it drives them home with a short-handled sledge. If you missed something, Deborah Ann Woll drops by as Dano's ex, articulating what even the people slurping Pepsi in the back row has grasped: Our main character wants a girlfriend that does not in any way challenge or annoy him.
The greatest sin is the mealy-mouthed happy end though. After writerboy's darkest moment, a sea-changed comes upon him. He writes an apologetic book about the whole thing, complete with self-congratulatory post-script (on a pristine Apple laptop, as if it was the mean typewriter what done it).
Then, of course he meets Ruby, who doesn't remember anything. They have a genuine meet cute, and it seems that romance is in the air. Eugh.
If I had my druthers, they would properly acknowledge writerboy's seriously unpleasant and controlling nature. Instead it's just magic'd away.
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No one knows the law like the consummate reprobate.

1: Thinking about writing has only slightly greater effect than thinking about running a marathon. I've really thought hard about both.
2: You need to read. Writing doesn't come from nothing. Taste what you read.
3: Sometimes it won't work no matter how much you want it to. You can't let that stop you.
4: You gotta prep for lightning to strike from a clear sky.
5: Having lots of time is no guarantee that you'll get anything done.
6: Know what you write. Be conscious of the process and the ramifications of what you put on paper.
7: Write as much as you can.

Y'all know the rules, we don't fuck with fools man
How the fuck did we get so cool man?
Never ever disrespect my crew
If ya fuck with Wu we gots ta fuck witchu

-- Wu-Tang Clan
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"For thirty years you dreamt you were a hero, and condoned a thousand petty lapses--because a hero, of course, can do no wrong."
-- Sartre

When you feel that you have an enemy, or that you're on the right side of an issue, that becomes a justification in itself. You're not as bad as THEM. Being on the right side has bought you those thousand petty lapses.

Brought on by the (triggery) PZ Myers post.


Aug. 14th, 2013 12:24 pm
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Praise be to Flying Nun Records! I bought some music from them (the awesome 25th Anniversary Box Set) in MP3 format. Halfway through the dl something FUBARed and I was left with a zip-file I couldn't open and an inactive dl link.
I sent them an email, and after six days of thinking that that ship had sailed, they kindly reactivated the link with no fuss.
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Made a terrine with root beets, carrots, apples, onions, zucchini, bulgur and a leetle bacon (as well as some eggs to hold it all together). It turned out tasting great, but it would've been a bit more cohesive if I'd remembered potato.

The rest of the day I did close to nothing. I missed my calling, I shoulda been a plant.


Aug. 6th, 2013 09:31 pm
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So I woke this morning, and something felt wonky. My ear seemed clogged, and my hand came away bloody. There was blood on the outer ear and I could hardly hear anything (the other ear was ok though). It didn't hurt, but had clearly bled a decent amount. I figure my eardrum has burst.

I found out my ear specialist was on holiday, but after a bit of digging I found one who could give me an appointment at 2:20 this afternoon.

Turns out it was just a small blood vessel which had burst (caused by the tube drain in that ear). The loss of hearing was from clotted blood. Unpleasant, but not nearly as bad as feared. Hering's still a bit messed up.
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 Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide (the .pdf) is on my trembling hard drive! Woo! And indeed hooo!

Thank you, Margaret Weis Productions, Cam Banks and all the contributors. That was a treat to come home to.
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...and I'm drinking chocolate milk and listening to hair metal. Sigh. What are youse up to?

"'Sister Christian' is nothing but a heavy petting power ballad."
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So, I'm trying to make a small setting for Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space in the small town of Valier, Montana. Strange things happen out there, y'see.

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 These are our leaders. Well, by 'ours' I mean the mayor of my town and those  of the surrounding counties. They want to entice creative entrepeneurish people to set up shop in our corner of nowhere. Gangnam Style.

These are the men that govern us.

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 Argh! My LJ no longer recognizes my password, and the e-mail they've got on file was hacked and gone the way of all flesh. 


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